Our founder Karim has worked on over 400 projects and counting… more to come.

about Club Construction


We are active builders, investors, and financial partners across a diverse real estate landscape, who emphasize profitability achieved by improving communities through our projects. 


Club Construction Co is a dynamic company that emerged in 2016 after a decade-long collaboration with a prominent development company. Recognizing the tremendous growth potential within the industry, Club Construction seized the opportunity to establish itself as a leading player, leveraging a powerful partnership between exceptional marketing and design teams.

With an extensive background in the development sector, Club Construction brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project. Over the course of ten years, the team honed their skills, gained invaluable insights, and built strong relationships within the industry. This foundation serves as a solid platform for delivering outstanding results and exceeding client expectations.

At the heart of Club Construction’s success lies a powerful combination of marketing and design prowess. By harnessing the talents of its exceptional marketing team and collaborating closely with skilled designers, Club Construction ensures that each project is approached with a holistic and strategic mindset. This synergy allows them to craft compelling experiences, create captivating visual identities, and effectively communicate the unique value proposition of every endeavour. With Club Construction, clients can expect innovation, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of their project.



To build modern custom homes for affluent families in desirable and trending communities; to acquire land for the development of multi-unit residential and mixed-use buildings, with an emphasis on ROI to investors and capital partners by using government-subsidized programs aimed at increasing population density and affordable housing; to invest in existing commercial/residential buildings, identifying those in which the Value Add Model will permit for the expeditious exit of capital through refinance after renovation.



We build modern custom homes for affluent young families in desirable and trending communities.



Invest in multi-unit residential and mixed-use buildings, with an emphasis on ROI to investors by using government-subsidized programs aimed to increase population density and affordable housing.



Take the guess-work out of real estate investing through a passive partnership with West Developments. Realize the ROI made possible by deals found through our expert team, whose persistence in scouring countless markets leads to the acquisition of winning projects. 

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